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If you live in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb Counties, you must file Bankruptcy in the Detroit Bankruptcy Court.

My office is conveniently located just 1 block from the US Bankruptcy Court in Detroit Michigan in the historic Penobscot Building.


Penobscot Building Bankruptcy Law Office of Walter Metzen and Associates located at 3156 Penobscot Building, Detroit MI 48226 Map to Walter Metzen's Office Detroit

Suite 3156 Penobscot Building
645 Griswold Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Phone: (313) 962-4656
Toll Free: (888)777-FILE
Fax: (313)962-4241


Walter Metzen's office is located at the Corner of Griswold & Fort Street - Downtown Detroit in the Penobscot Building pictured above, Suite 3156 is on the 31st Floor. Come down and see the view. We are located in the same building as WJLB Radio Station and Wayne County Friend of the Court

Determine where you MUST file your case and attend your Bankruptcy Court hearing.

Michigan is divided into the Eastern and Western Districts for purposes of jurisdiction over Bankruptcy cases. Walter Metzen is licensed to practice in both the Eastern and Western Districts but primarily practices in the Detroit Bankruptcy Court located in the Eastern District (Those Counties in yellow).

To determine if you must file your bankruptcy case in the Detroit Bankruptcy Court, place your cursor over the County in which you live. If it turns into a hand imagehand cursor image then your case must be filed in this Court. It makes sense to hire an attorney who has practiced in this Court for over 20 years. Call my office today at 313-962-4656.



If you live in these Counties your case MUST be filed in the Detroit Bankruptcy Court If you live in one of these counties your case must be filed in Detroit






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