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Bankruptcy Filing Fees for Chapter 7 & 13 in Detroit

My office charges very reasonable fees to handle your bankruptcy case.

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees: $499 to $1499 depending on the complexity of the case.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7

$499 to


Chapter 13

Chapter 13

$3000 flat fee through Confirmation and then billed hourly if needed.

As a Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialist in Detroit, I pride myself in offering quality Bankruptcy Legal Services for Michigan residents while at the same time charging very reasonable attorney fees. Most personal bankruptcy cases involve substantial attorney time if they are to go through the bankruptcy court system smoothly. The fees and costs above apply to most Individual or Joint (husband & wife) cases. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases fall right around $1200 total including all court filing fees, credit counseling and debtor educational certificates as required by the law and a bankruptcy specific credit report. This is the same fee I've charged for a typical bankruptcy case since the law changed in 2005. All attorney fees in a Detroit Chapter 7 bankruptcy must be paid prior to the case being filed, otherwise they are discharged. Presently , the bankruptcy court filing fee is $306.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney

Keep in mind, that it is extremely inexpensive to hire an attorney to file a Detroit Bankruptcy when compared to your other options - which include simply paying all of your bills or getting garnished which will add interest and attorney fees. My office has significant experience and can properly guide you through this tangled maze we call the bankruptcy court system. I will be sure that you fulfill all of your obligations under the law and help you keep as much property as possible and eliminate as much debt as possible. If you hire an inexperienced attorney, try to file on your own, or even worse, hire a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer, the problems you may face could far exceed the cost of an experienced attorney, as the statistics in our Detroit Bankruptcy Court show that the majority of these cases are dismissed by the court or worse yet, the Trustee takes and liquidates property that the debtors thought was properly protected but was not.

I want to provide you with a fresh start via a bankruptcy filing. To make this an easy process I can begin preparing your Chapter-7 bankruptcy case with little and set up an affordable payment plan. I want to help and I will do whatever is needed to make my services affordable. To file a bankruptcy case, there are basically two costs: a filing fee paid to the United States Bankruptcy Court presently $306 for a Chapter 7 and $281 for a Chapter 13, and legal fees to your bankruptcy lawyer. I have flat fees that will cover the work on your entire case. I can then break our fee down into small monthly installments you can afford.

Bankruptcy Fees Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney Metzen

Attorney fees are based on a number of factors and all cases are different. I want to base your fees only on the work we will have to perform on your case. To determine an appropriate fee I ask that you complete a questionnaire and personally meet with me or one of my staff attorneys for a free consultation, to so that I can better understand your financial situation. The less complicated your case is, the lower your attorney fees will be. And, after your fees are determined in advance, you will know for sure the total cost of my services before we file your case. $499 to $1000 attorney fee for a simple Chapter 7.

Additional fees may apply for cases involving lawsuits, garnishments, high debt, heavy recent credit usage, possible fraud or non-dischargeability issues, difficult creditors, many or large assets or other reasons. There is a $3000 flat fee for most Chapter 13 Reorganization cases. Most can be filed with $0 down on the attorney fee with only the Court filing fee and credit counseling being paid up front. I sometimes require a down payment of $300 toward my fee in addition to the Court fee of $281 before filing a Chapter 13 but will often file the case with $0 down on the attorney fee. You can not pay for your bankruptcy case with your own credit card. Friends and family members sometimes can help but they must give you the money for the fees - not simply loan you the money. Most people pay their own legal fees in affordable monthly installments.


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