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In 20 years of practicing personal bankruptcy in Detroit, I have represented thousands of consumers needing a fresh financial start with the help of the United States Bankruptcy Court. I am one of only a few Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists in Michigan as Certified by the American Board of Certification. My team of bankruptcy attorneys pride ourselves in giving personal attention to our clients. Our law firm primarily represents individuals and small businesses, not large corporations. The firm believes that bankruptcy is an honest solution and offers a free initial consultation.

Attorney Walter MetzenI received my law degree or JD in 1991 from the University of Detroit and my undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Criminalistics degree in 1987 from Michigan State University. I am licensed to practice in the State of Michigan and and before the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, as well as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern and Western District of Michigan. I am a member of the Michigan Bar, the American Bar Association, the Consumer Bankruptcy Association, the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Inc., the American Bankruptcy Institute, and the Debtor's Bar Association of Detroit Michigan.


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Board Certified Specialist Consumer Bankruptcy Court Walter Metzen Board Certified Bankruptcy AttorneyMember American Bankruptcy InstituteFederal Bar Association Member

Firm Philosophy

All associate attorneys at my office have also successfully assisted thousands of clients with their bankruptcy filings. We maintain close communication with our clients by being readily available in person (walk-in times everyday), by telephone by fax and by email. We are not the largest law firm in Detroit. We are not the largest bankruptcy law firm in Michigan, nor do we want to be. What we do have is a dedicated, experienced staff that will provide you with attentive, personalized service. We do not believe that bigger is necessarily better. We strive to know the law and know the Bankruptcy Court system. We study the Bankruptcy Code, the Bankruptcy rules and the Local Bankruptcy Rules for the Eastern District of Michigan. We know the Bankruptcy Judges the Chapter 7 Trustee's and the Chapter 13 Trustee's. We know the other local bankruptcy attorneys and we can guide you through any bankruptcy proceeding. We stay current in the latest developments in all our areas of practice and frequently attend seminars, bankruptcy conferences and workshops to maintain the highest level of bankruptcy law counseling as possible.

At my office, the attorney you speak with is the attorney who will go to Bankruptcy Court with you. At my office, you will not be treated as one more case in a huge bankruptcy factory...but you will be given personal attention and good old fashioned legal services...where you can talk to your attorney and paralegal when you need to. We have a reputation in the Metro Detroit area for providing our clients with superior service at the lowest possible cost, keeping in mind the client's needs for honest, and experienced legal knowledge and service, while maintaining the lowest fees possible. Our philosophy is to provide the client with honest advice, whether bankruptcy is appropriate for the client or not, and to stand up for our client's best interests. You can expect us to communicate with you every step of the way, and explain to you all of our recommendations. Our goal is to provide each client with quality legal services and excellent communication at a reasonable fee.

We offer free consultations, over the phone, the internet, or in person. The office is conveniently located just one-block from the US Bankruptcy Court in Detroit Michigan to better serve you. Because of our close proximity to the Bankruptcy Court, we can file your case the same day if needed to immediately stop foreclosure, car repossession, utility shut off (gas, phone or electric) and stop those creditor calls!

We are focused on serving our clients. Our professional calling is to our clients and only our clients, on a full-time basis, to the best of our abilities. We strive to render bankruptcy legal services which are high quality, ethical, and honest, and which bring positive results. We fight for our client's rights in court. We explain the law to our clients as it affects your case. We promptly return our phone calls and answer your questions and keep you informed of the status of your case. We are fair to our clients. We fully disclose the fee basis on which your case will be taken at the beginning. We strive to keep costs as low as possible. All attorneys are highly trained in the use of computer-based office systems and legal research resources. We attend all major bankruptcy seminars and are up to date on our continuing legal education. We use state-of-the-art technology including, Bestcase Bankruptcy software which enables us to electronically file your case immediately and can constantly monitor and review your case via the United States Bankruptcy Court's Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system.

A Word from Walter


"I am the last person that most of clients want to see. Most of them have done absolutely everything in there power to avoid bankruptcy; from borrowing from other credit cards, borrowing against their house, borrowing against their pension, borrowing from friends and relatives and even consumer credit counseling. The purpose of this site is to counsel people in this situation and offer them an alternative to 'borrowing'. The reason for this is that continuous 'borrowing' adds to continuous 'borrowing', which almost always leads to a worse financial problem. Clients will do almost anything to avoid seeing me. But, all that usually does is put them into a worse position then had they come to see me in the first place. Further, these people that try so hard to avoid seeing me are the same people that tell me how relieved they are that I can resolve their financial situation." "We represent the working class - so you won't find us wasting your time! We promise to be fast, efficient, and effective." "Since we represent people who work, we understand your situation. Therefore, if you need time to pay your fees, we will take payments - for up to three months - you set the amount."

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